Aunt Bean’s Fava Bean Tincture

My father’s Experience with Aunt Bean’s fava bean tincture

“At first, we (my father and I) want to thank Aunt Bean for having invented such a wonderful natural remedy for people suffering from Parkinson’s disease. Of course we are also sincerely grateful for Dr. Robert Rodgers for his unique research and website that offer so much help and inspiration for those in need.

I prepared Aunt Bean’s fava bean tincture from sprouted fava beans according to the instructions on her blog. I prepared the tincture for my 66-year old father who has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. My father has been going through severe tremor in the right hand, general slowness and stiffness of movements, and a softened voice. At the moment, he has been taking half a teaspoon of the tincture three times a day for one month and this is what he reports:

The most noticeable improvement is in the movements of the body. After taking the tincture, the ordinary daily chores require much less effort. It is easier to drive, play the guitar, practice yoga, cook healthy food, and socialize. The tincture has also improved my mood by reducing any kinds of depression and anxiety. Although the tincture itself does not cure the disease and did not remove my tremors, it helps the whole process of recovery by “helping and supporting you to keep going”. I have noticed that the efficiency of the tincture at least for me is much higher when I strive to maintain a positive mind set and an active and inspiring life.

Because we live in Finland, I used Finnish fava beans for the tincture. I was very careful to follow Aunt Bean’s protocol for tincture preparation as she had described it. Whenever I felt unsure about some step, I asked Aunt Bean for an advice (by email) and she immediately replied me with plenty of information. Before starting the tincture preparation, I made a plan when to do each step. Although the whole process takes about a month, the individual steps are easy, fast, and convenient. The alcohol content in brandy is enough (~40 %) to protect it from microbial contamination. Aunt Bean told me that the tincture is sensitive to light, so I found some brown glass bottles from the pharmacy. If somebody has trouble finding such bottles, I encourage them to ask the pharmacists. They always have such products in store but do not necessarily keep them available all the time. Another way to protect light-sensitive substances is to wrap a regular glass bottle with aluminum foil and store it in the dark.

If somebody would like to try the tincture, but has trouble with finger movements etc. due to progressed condition, I strongly encourage you to ask a family member or a friend to do it for you. It is not difficult, although requires care and attention on the instructions.”

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