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Fava Beans Experiment a Success

 Success with last experiment.  Harvested fava beans. Shelled the washed beans, and steamed the pods for about a minute til bright green. Then, threw the pods in food processor and chopped them up. Spread them out on dehydrator  mesh trays and turned it on to 125 degrees for at least 14 hours til completely  dry. Next I powdered them in coffee grinder. I have been able to take one and a half teaspoons In the morning and my symptoms didn’t  start showing  up til after 4 pm  and once I was ok until morning. I put the fava powder in with my morning  supplements and let it stand about 20 minutes to  rehydrate. It WORKED  for  me.
Hope this helps someone.
Love, Aunt Bean

Fava Bean Tincture


My Dad is currently eating 4 oz of fresh fava beans a day. They store he is buying them will only have them during summer. How can he make it last?

If we are making tincture with pods and brandy ( why only brandy if I may ask), shake it for a month and use liquid. How much of this liquid is equal to the 4 oz he is eating now. He is eating pods and beans. How much pods do I need to last about 9 months? And is it ok to drink alcohol for the rest of
his life?

Also, is there a way to make powder out of pods. The question again how much powder equal to the 4 oz of fresh fava beans.

I couldn’t find any answers to these questions and will appreciate your help
very much.



Brandy crosses the blood brain barrier, other alcohol does not do this so well I am told. I hold my extract under my tongue and that seems to make it work very quickly before it goes to my stomach.  You can also put the amount OF EXTRACT IN A COFFEE MUG AND POUR BOILING WATER OVER IT TO TAKE OFF THE brandy. I do  not know how many drops of tincture he will need for a dose.. Start small (10 drops perhaps and check the effect, and go up or down using the minimal amount for symptom relief. You will have to judge this for yourself and experiment. I started with 2 drops 3 times a day for a while.  This is my 7th year on tincture and now I require about 40 drops 4 to 6 times a day. Also eating egg plant and peppers are a great support with the fava  and especially papayas.
Hope this helps.
Aunt Bean

Fava Beans and Dopamine

Fave Beans and Dopamine

Dear Aunt Bean: 

My wife was diagnosed with Parkinsons disease in 2010. She has been on medication of L-dopa /Carbidopa since then. Fava Beans are available plenty in India where we
live. How much Fava Beans Pod with beans inside one should consume each day to get adequate L dopa/dopamine? We regularly use in our cuisine. We do not want make tincture as it uses brandy.

Please help


The pods have the most L-dopa content. The fiber is indigestible …so juice them and strain out the fibers. Experiment with taking a teaspoon every couple hours until the dopamine level feels right. Everyone is different so dosing level must be decided on to suit your wife’s individual  needs…increase or decrease as needed.

The strained juice can be frozen and a days dose taken out and refrigerated as needed. You can also dehydrate the juice by adding ground flax seed or other thickener and make “bean blobs.” Download the handbook on this website (click on the image of the book on the top right of this page) and read the page titled ” Fava Pod Juice”. I hope this will help you to use the fava beans efficiently for her needs .

God Bless you both.

Aunt Bean