Tincture Made from Sprouts of Fava Beans

New fava beans kitchen experiment at Bean Acres:

  •    I sprouted1 cup  fava beans for 4 days after a 24 hour soak.
  •    Peeled / cut out bad spots/ rinsed and mashed the beans very fine (did not steam them)
  •    Placed 1 Cup mashed sprouts in a jar with 3/4 C brandy
  •    Labeled and dated and shook this for a month.
  •    Strained the tincture thru a fine tea strainer mesh and pressed as much   liquid as possible out of the mash.


I let this set for a day and then using a clean turkey baster (used only for tinctures) remove the clear liquid and placed it into a clean jar, being careful not to disturb the sediment at the bottom of the jar. I do not discard the sediment , but keep it separate & use it first.

From this amount of sprout mash & brandy I ended up with 1/2 C plus a little of clear tincture (and minus 1/4 C sediment to use first). This tincture is probably low in l-dopa. No one has done a lab test on it to see.

A person has to start with a few drops and experiment to find a good supplemental dose for their own needs. If a person is under doctor’s care and taking PD drugs…much care would need to be taken to not overdose l-dopa. Always a doctor should be consulted and informed about a patient’s desire to try natural forms of l-dopa.

It is so simple for myself to decide how much l-dopa I need because I am not taking PD medications.  I just do a finger-tapping test and see if I am needing to take tincture. My right hand is always the same…it is my left hand that is mostly effected. If it taps moderately slow…I take a half dropper full. If very slow…a whole dropper.  If the left hand is tapping in time with the right hand…I don’t need any tincture.

If you want to try making and using tincture …it is at your own risk…I am only sharing my experiences with PD and what has helped me.  We are all so very different and will not respond the same. I can only hope that what works for me might help some other people also.

God Bless You.


Aunt Bean

2 thoughts on “Tincture Made from Sprouts of Fava Beans

  1. Dear Robert,

    Thank you for your great website.

    My wife has parkinson’s and we’re trying all what we can to cure her.

    I made the lava tincture as suggested by Aunt Bean but do not know how
    to administrate it to my wife.

    Should she put the drops directly on her tongue or mix it with little
    water or in a cup of tea….

    It would be great if you or Aunt Bean could answer this for us.

    Thank you in advance for your answer.

  2. as far as taking the tincture. I have placed a dropper full in a mug and filled with hot water to take off the alcohol content . We have put it in a small amount of cold water for my friend. I usually just carry it with me and squirt a dropper full into my mouth…mixing it with saliva for a minute before swallowing ….just because it is so convenient.. Start with a small dose and work up to what you feel is perfect for her needs and her personal


    Aunt Bean

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