Special Needs Rabbit

We now have a special needs rabbit on the farm. Our Thumper became paralyzed in his back legs. We are not sure why. He is eating and dragging himself around in the walkways of the greenhouse over soft grass-clippings.  We are trying to make him a support with wheels so he can get more exercise. He is so sweet.

He has only been like this for 11 days and could still have trouble with complications other than his legs. But, we are doing the best we can for him. I put a couple of the bunnies sired by him in the greenhouse to run about yesterday. They are five plus weeks old now and so cute. He really got excited and interacted with them. It was fun to watch them racing down the walkways  between the raised beds. The only problem was that they were having so much fun and were then hard to catch to put back with their mother again.

I pray you are staying warm and well and may this be a blessed Christmas for you all!

With Love,

Aunt Bean

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