I Would Never Guess He Had PD

Hi Robert….just wanted to fill you in on the farm.   Things are going well…couldn’t do it without Dad, who just turned 85.  He brush-hogged for me this week.

A young man with PD drove over from Knoxville area and helped in the garden last Tuesday and then came to our support group meeting.  He was a real encouragement to me. He is the only person I’ve met with PD that excercizes like I do.  He rides long distances on his bicycle, sometimes with his airforce buddies. He is in great shape and I would never guess that he had PD.  It helped me alot to know that people out there do care about what I am trying to do on the farm.  Plus he helped me make a long raised bed to hoop frame & cover for winter favas.  I think we might be able to grow them year round here if they have a cover.

Still picking green beans, greens , beets, carrots, tomatoes and hopefully corn on Saturday.  God is Good.  Have several small batches of tincture made, and saw my first couple of fall fava beans on the plants yesterday.

Blessings to all

Aunt Bean

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