Harvesting Mucuna Beans

Things are going well. Just planted a 50 foot raised bed of two rows of fava bean. Now there are hoop frames in place so they can be covered if the temperatures drop to 26 degrees. I really feel like they could grow here year round with a few nights  of protection in the winter.

I started harvesting the mucuna beans we have growing up the backside of the barn. Shelled and steamed them and tried one.  It tasted so good that I ate another one (no discipline!) Well, it was a bit too much…I’ve found that one very small one is about right for me and holds me a long time. (probably 1/2 of a full sized one would be enough). I think I will try to tincture them…not sure how yet.

The chickens have a fenced area in back of the barn now. We dug potatoes and peanuts and still need to dig sweet potatoes. Need to dry some more comfrey leaves and make echinacea tincture yet and cook up some more kushaw pumpkins to freeze for pie.   Then, perhaps I can slow down here and enjoy making music with friends and at the nursing homes in the area…they enjoy the music so very much.

That’s all for now…enjoy the fall weather and beautiful colors all around us.

Blessings  …….Aunt Bean

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