Growing Apple Trees

Dad and I are now growing apple trees. We managed to plant eight varieties of apple trees. Now we have a small orchard where we are growing apple trees. It is so exciting to think we may be able to pick our own apples in a few years.

People don’t think much about planting trees because they take so long to bear fruit, but think of all the apples you buy in a year, they are one of the healthiest things you can eat. Why not plant a few trees if you have space? Dwarf and semi dwarfs apple trees are readily available now and bare sooner than standard size.

A lot of people are into growing food instead of mowing lawns. Food is becoming more heavily sprayed with  chemicals and shipped incredible distances. You have higher prices to pay at the stores for a product that may be toxic to your system and aggravate PD symptoms.

Still full of vitamins and minerals when they are picked, these nutrients are usually almost gone from store food because they have been picked days ago. Fruit is usually  picked when they are not quite ripe to make them easier to box and ship. This means they have not even been allowed to reach the peak of their flavor yet.

You need exercise anyway so why not grow your own organic food instead of paying to workout at a gym? Get fresh air and sunshine. Sweat a little. Move toward a healthier body in the process eating fresh picked food that is good for your body.

How good it is to pick and eat straight from a tomato plant or fresh spinach or beans? If you haven’t done this in a long time, you have forgotten what real food even tastes like. Even in an apartment you can grow veggies and dwarf fruit trees in containers on porches / balconies/ patios. You do not even need a yard. Some large apartment buildings actually allow container gardening on the roof top. This can be a wonderful community experience.


Aunt Bean

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