Fermented Papaya Chips as Treatment for Parkinson’s Disease

Hello from Bean Acres. Things are going well on the farm. The greenhouse is partially up and my papaya “trees” are growing well. One is as tall as me. Actually they are not a tree , but a very fast growing plant that can live many years, continuing to grow and produce larger fruit each year.

I am doing very well. Not sure if it is from watermelon or other things…I am the best outdoors working hard in the sunshine. Taking very little tincture right now, but still using 2 dried fermented papaya chips every morning. My 86 yr old dad takes them too and it has helped with his balance issues also. Have several bean patches planted (over 600 plants now) and starting to harvest the tops now.

I want to try a tincture made from sprouted fava beans next and will let you all know how it turns out next month. If it works, anyone could make their own tincture without having to try to grow a garden of favas.

God Bless You All


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