Fermented Papaya and Parkinson’s

How does fermented papaya work?  


It seems to produce special enzymes that help us process dopamine in the body.  It helped so very much with my night vision driving and night symptoms of Parkinson’s disease …

  • Right foot turned and dragging  
  • Left arm up in begging puppy mode
  • Poor balance

It is great and so easy to make for yourself.  The purchased powder works also, but is very expensive to use if you are on a tight budget like myself.

Do not use any papaya products if you have a latex allergy or are pregnant.

Mucuna is another bean that contains natural  l-dopa,…it is very good if you are lacking movement.  I use it occasionally when I have a lot to do and  am lacking energy resources. I have bought powder from Gary & Sun and make no bake mucuna balls (like cookies) .  I really depend on my fava tops tincture in daily life…it keeps my symptoms under control and I can do whatever I need to (work sun up to sundown usually.

God Bless.

Aunt Bean

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