Fava L-Dopa Tincture

Well, I have good news for all of you…..I finished the experiment of using the fava bean seeds and sprouting them for three whole days..then  steaming them  for 6 minutes, mashing them and adding brandy to cover them in a jar….shaking it for a month each day.  Then, straining off the brandy into a clean jar and letting it set for a day to have the sediment fall to the bottom,…carefully taking the clear liquid into another clean container from which it is put into dropper bottles.

It works for me also!!!!   This means that if you can obtain organic, sproutable fava beans (that can be used for cooking or planting (UNTREATED!!)  you can make this fava l-dopa tincture.  You do NOT have to grow a garden..which is impossible for most people because of their location and physical condition.

This to me is a tremendous find because I may not always be able to do the amount of work I do now, and it was a concern to me that I would not always be able to make my own l-dopa because of this. It doesn’t exist on the market….you have to make it yourself !  This new tincture has not been tested yet for it’s l-dopa content  (which was done for the fava tops tincture .@..2 drops approx = 1mg l-dopa).

Hopefully I will find someone soon who can test it……BUT – I actually think it works better than the tincture made from fava tops…which is much harder to do with all the labor and fighting aphids for tops…the aphids like them best, too!!!   As soon as it is tested I will report back.  I don’t know why it is so hard to find people willing to test things when PD is so widespread…they want grant money for a few minutes of time spent doing a simple test. Somehow, that is hard for me to grasp.

Please to have a G6pd test done if you have thoughts of trying fava beans as a source of l-dopa to make sure you don’t have the enzyme deficiency which could make them quite harmful to you. Also. if you are on MAOI drugs or other PD meds that may need to be cut out or adjusted with adding fava…please talk to your doctor…don’t experiment on your own.     I can experiment on myself because I am on no PD drugs…the only prescription med I take is Armour Thyroid (a natural thyroid supplement).

So, for now….Keep Exercising!!   Eat Lots of good organic fruits & vegies  …Check out the book   Natural Therapies for Parkinsons by Laurie Mischley (Hope that is spelled right)  It is a wonderfully informative book on what you can do to improve your health)

God Bless You



4 thoughts on “Fava L-Dopa Tincture

  1. I still use my fava plant and the pod L-dopa tinctures daily, along with powdered fava pods in my morning supplement bowl of powdered dry things that get hydrated in water or plain yogurt as part of my breakfast routine. I am still doing very well. Play music a lot, still dance , grow my organic vegies, do a lot of experimenting in the kitchen with fermenting and gluten-free/ sugar-free baking. I have to up my doses about every 6 months it seems, to keep up with progression….but, still take very little in comparison to the pharmaceutical meds my friends with PD take and without side effects. I feel very blessed and still enjoy life to the fullest. Aunt Bean

  2. Hello, I am using dried fava beans and sprouting them, they do have a small shoot starting, can these be used in the same way to make the tincture?

  3. I have sprouted the beans and made tincture from them. It worked fine for l-dopa supplement, but the tincture was cloudy and I didn’t feel the quality of that one was as good as with fresh or dried flower buds that form right at the top of each stem. My preference uses for sprouted beans was to make sprout balls, a cookie type treat that we froze and used as needed. I think the sprout ball recipe is in the download able pamphlet on the fava blog. You can also grind them and put it in your own recipe. The sprouts should be peeled from their outer skin and rinsed well before using. They are good steamed for just a minute and frozen. Then they can just be taken out of the freezer and eaten as needed, or thrown into a stir fry at the end., possibilities area endless . Experiment and be creative. Aunt Bean

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