Fava Beans Q&A

Below are answers prepared by Aunt Bean to questions submitted by Binod from Napel about her fava beans tincture.

Robert Rodgers PhD
Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease
Parkinsons Recovery

Hello Aunt Bean,

Thank you for the post about the importance of Fava beans against PD.

1> Does Fava Bean cure Parkinsons Disease or just work to control?

ANSWER: Favas do not cure…my symptoms are still progressing but taking a larger amount of tincture has still kept things under control.

2>Does it work for everyone with Parkinson’s Disease?

ANSWER: Favas do not work for everyone , just like dr. meds do not work for everyone. Also there is a condition called favism that make favas dangerous for those people. Thinking of using favas…please get a G6pd blood test to make sure you do not have favism. People on MAOI should talk to their doctor about using fava..used together can cause blood pressure spike. Fava beans are rich in tyramine, and thus should be avoided by those taking monoamine oxidase (MAO) inhibitors.

3>Can one eat sprouted steamed fava beans after peeling them for the
best result?

ANSWER: Sprout favas/ peel/ rinse well then steam and there are endless possibilities on how to use them… ground and made into humus/ cookies/ veggie patties/ just throw steamed sprouts in at the end of stir fried veggies..yummy!

4> I could not get how to prepare tincture. Would you please tell me on this?

ANSWER: This question has been answered on many previous posts…please go back and read again

5> I come to understand Bakula as fava bean in Nepal. Am I correct?

ANSWER: You would have to consult with an agricultural person in that country that speaks english and would know if they are favas

6>The fava beans available and grown in Nepal is good for this purpose or not?

ANSWER: I do not know

7>What is the dose? How much and how many times a day to be taken?
How much time does it take for the positive result to come to patient?

ANSWER: Everyone with PD is so different and it has happened from different causes. Everyone’s needs are different and each person will have to start slow and listen to his or her body on how much they need and how often. Some people start feeling relief after only a day or so on beans. I had relief after less than an hour on tincture. If you have fresh organically grown beans available…wash and use the pods…they have l-dopa also…good for juicing to get rid of the fiber which is indigestible…juice then can be frozen/ dried into chips, leathers etc. Use your imagination and the possibilities are endless.

May I suggest also eating pumpkin seeds and a lot of papaya. May God Bless all you
PWP ‘ers out there trying to find their own way on your journey as I am.

Aunt Bean


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