Fava Beans Q&A

Below are Aunt Bean’s answers to Edward’s questions about growing fava beans.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Parkinsons Recovery

1. How much l-dopa in sprouted fava beans?

Answer:  Approximately 2 mg l-dopa.

2. Frozen sprouted fava beans: How to eat?

Answer: They will thaw in your mouth. I steam them 6 to 8 minutes to make them chewable before freezing. Put out on a plate. They would thaw quickly if you don’t want to suck on a frozen one.  We eat fava sprout balls directly from the freezer and just let them thaw in our mouths…yummy!

3. Can I grow sprouts of fava beans in a large flower pot.?

Answer: “Large” can mean many things  (gallon/ 2 gallon/tree size?)  A gallon pot would be fine for 1 plant..they need sun and mulch to keep their roots cool. They are a cool weather plant and can stand temperatures to 26 degrees in ground. In pots you may have to bring them inside if it is below 30 degrees.

4. How many leaves from a plant of fava beans does it take to make the tincture?

Answer: That depends how big or small your glass jar is in which you are going to shake the tops and brandy in for a month. I don’t generally just use leaves, but prefer the unopened leaves and flowers that form after a while at the top of the plant. Right now I am experimenting with a whole plant tincture and will report on this as soon as possible. I am still looking for a chemist that will test things for me around  here. Then will post on blog.

5. How long does the tincture last after you have made it?

Answer: I have had it up to a year before using it.

Hope this helps…off to the garden………


Aunt Bean

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