Fava Beans for Parkinson’s

The fava beans for Parkinson’s have not come up well at all that were planted the end of July and first part of August. I purchased a really poor bag of bulk seeds this year. I am going to go against my usual growing time and try to replant this Sunday. Hopefully we will get more plants that will give us at least one picking of tops before temps hit 26 degrees this year. One year they made it to the second week in December…that would be a blessing this year.

Tomatoes have gone crazy this summer…probably have gotten a bushel from each plant so far and they are still producing. Green beans have done exceptionally well also….but fava “tops” are the most important crop here and we need more to see us thru until the end of May when the spring crop starts it’s harvest time.

“Aunt Bean” feels very well and I hope to go to Rock Steady Boxing Camp next year in Indianapolis so that I am better equipped to help our support group with exercises that target PD symptoms. Our group responded well to adding exercise to our meeting time…a
very necessary thing for all of us.

Summer is coming to a close, but work is not. I received a heavy coverall for cold weather…it was my brother’s, which makes it even more special…hopefully I can take being outside in cold weather this year to create new raised beds for the coming year.

Bean Acres is open to people with PD who want to come learn natural ways to combat their symptoms. The farm has been such a blessing to me, and my prayer is that God will use it to touch many lives in a positive way who also have this horrible disease…

It is not incurable.

God Bless you all

Aunt Bean

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