Fava Bean Tincture

Do you know of anyone that sells the fava bean tincture?  My husband was
recently diagnosed with PD.  He is not taking any prescription meds as he is
concerned over the side effects and has heard the  longer one is on them the
less effective they are.



I don’t  know of anyone who sells the fava bean tincture. It gets harder every year to get enough made for myself. My fall crop….5 lbs of fava beans all died in severe heat and very dry weather. So, being a farmer, we are subject to good conditions and poor. Good crops and possibly no crop. There are companies that sell fava dopamine capsules,  but off hand I can’t  think of company names. You can buy organic dry fava beans that are sprout able and follow the recipe in the download -able booklet for sprouting the beans to eat, and for making fava sprout balls. Another option is to try mucuna puriens. You can purchase  them from many sources. They are also a bean that contain natural ldopa. Eating papaya also helps. Fermented papaya does even more…if you can’t  manage to ferment your own…it can be purchased under the brand FPP . It is a dry powder . I hope this helps and I have answered you questions. God Bless and guide you.


Aunt Bean

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  1. Thank you. I am sorry to hear your crop died this year. I appreciate your time to answer my questions and make suggestions,
    God Bless you.

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