Fava Bean Tincture

Well, the wind blew my row cover off my 50 foot raised bed of favas this week.   I was able to crawl down the center of the 2 rows and weed. The weeds were growing really good!  Managed to get the row cover back over the hoops and mend the hole it received twisting around a stake close by.  The favas will definitely make it thru the winter here with protection!

We still have not found anyone who will move the 80 foot greenhouse for us from the neighbors yard at the end of our driveway,   So close and yet so far away.

In the meantime…still conducting an experiment of growing 2 favas in a window in our kitchen. This is to tell me if those out there who cannot have a garden could grow them indoors for making tincture or not.. So far, they are growing well, not quite as green as those outdoors…mainly from receiving only about 6 hours of daylight and not full sun.  Spring is coming…keep your chin up!

People have been asking me about how much tincture I take a day.  Finally measured yesterday.  Approximately  1 1/2 teaspoons…..unless under unusual stress or exersion…then maybe 2 teaspoons over the course of the day total. ( 2 drops  equals about 1 mg l-dopa). I didn’t measure how many drops in 1/4 teas, which is a dose for me…….

God Bless.    Aunt Bean   (Sandra)

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