Fava Bean Spring Harvest

Well, the farm has been officially named:   “Bean Acres”  .   Remember the Green Acres series on TV, we are developing our own song now to go along with the farm.

Newest development…a new neighbor has moved in and he owns a Kabota with a shovel on the front and a tiller on the back……he tilled under the buttercups that were trying to take over my garden!  It looks wonderful.

Also he is a “goat person” and we are hoping by next year to be set up to have a couple of milk goats. He was milking several when he moved. We are still looking for someone able to move the huge hoop greenhouse  that is on his place…but he said , no rush.  God is good!

The fava beans under the row cover in the 50′ bed are now making beans. I have started my first tincture off their tops (which will make enough for about 2 months of doses for me). I am excited..spring has come!

Blessings …………..

Aunt Bean

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