Fall Planting of Fava Beans

Latest report on the farm:  Aug 2nd…a few of the fall planting of favas are starting to put on blooms.  The chickens are doing well and we are getting 2 eggs a day. The local feed store finally got in barley for me…I like to use barley for a cover crop in the winter.

Dad had trouble with the tractor this week. He finally got it started and brush hogged the fields, plowed some for me and then the tractor quit again. He is busy trying to figure out why it’s not starting  again.  Always something to do, we don’t get bored.

I have started putting down cardboard boxes (broken down of course) in the pathways and laying cut grass on top of them. I’ve dug the grass out so many times and it comes back so quick…hard to get anything else done. Soil is getting dry again and we are hoping for rain again this weekend. Started harvesting a few cushaw pumpkins…they make the best pies!

Blessings to all.

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