Dopamine from Fava Bean Plants

Here is Aunt Bean’s response to one of the questions submitted.

Question about Fava Beans

Hello. My parents bought fresh fava beans today. They chopped the pods, but
my dad says he can not eat it like that. Is the tincture of pods has the
same amount as the tincture of flowers like Aunt Bean is making? Also, what
can be used instead of brandy. Or alcohol preserves beans. 

Aunt Bean’s Response

“The mature bean pods are indigestible.  They can be juiced and frozen in ice cube trays to use for dopamine supplementation . What is hard is figuring out the perfect dose for each person’s need. We are all so completely different  and at different  stages of PD. I would suggest trying an ice cube size in a glass of water and taking sips of this to find a good dose.  Taking a few sips and waiting 20 minutes  before trying more will give you an idea of any changes  in your function.  Try finger taping with both hands before taking and after 20 minutes. You are the only one who can judge improvement.  Also , if the problem  is with walking  or balance….test those things before and after. Tincturing pods is a long process  and this will give you an idea if it will work.
To make the fava bean tincture, the bean pods should be chopped very fine and yes, use only brandy because it crosses the blood brain barrier. If the pods are not chopped fine, they are very hard to squeeze the brandy out of…we have to use a strong press. It is not the flowers that I use for tincturing,  but the flower bud that forms at the top of each stem..that is where the ants and aphids congregate…they need the extra dopamine to feel good too perhaps. Also, if the top of the fava are pinched out, the aphids will usually leave the plant alone.
Pinching out the top of each stem is also beneficial  in making the plant  bushier….and they send out more stems from the base. Thus, more tops, more flowers  and  more beans. God bless you as you experiment with fava for PD.  I have been using them now since Oct of 2009 and still no side effects. I have had to increase my dose each year, but am still only taking about 40 drops 5 times a day. Thus, I am taking about 20 mg times 5  ,which is  about (100mg per day). I feel eating a good gluten free/sugar free diet and plenty of exercise is so important.  Be active.  Be involved with the people and activities you love.  For me , it is my husband of 13 months, church and music and gardening. God bless and guide you.”
Aunt. Bean

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